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young people and noise

This may fit with the discussion on reasons why people develop into noise
freaks. As a school board trustee, I'm currently involved in a committee to
design two new schools, the plans for which will be used throughout the
province for  building new elementary schools. At a workshop yesterday, the
committee members were asked to name factors which were important in the
design of a school. When I brought up the soundscape, the uncomprehending
silence was profound. Thinking people didn't know the word, I explained. It
didn't help. I believe most people there thought I was some kind of
off-the-wall radical, or at least a  bit peculiar. Later, the principal
talked about the difficulty of kids hearing the teacher when noisy equipment
is running, but that was of course only a  part of what I meant. If kids
spend their early years in environments like present-day schools, is it any
wonder they think excessive noise is normal? 
If anyone can suggest ways to  help get my point across, I'd be most
grateful. I feel a great responsibility because of the fact that all the
kids in the province from here on in will be subjected to noise pollution
for most of every day unless attitudes change. 
By the way, Richard, I have recently acquired a hearing aid because of
hearing loss resulting from other peoples' noise practices over the years.
Your mention of subsidizing hearing aids for noise vandals made me wonder if
I've missed something. Nobody subsidized mine - I'm having to take two years
to pay for it. 
Again, I ask for suggestions on raising peoples' awareness of the harmful
effects of noisy environments.

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