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Re: Disappointing Article

On Sun, 19 Oct 1997 11:14:49 -0400 (EDT), 
Albtor@aol.com  <Albtor@aol.com> wrote:

>      Globe and Mail  article - we in New York had to read a comparable
>article by Denis Hamil in the Daily News that started out "I love noise."
>What we did was have the anti-noise groups in the city contact Mr. Hamil and
>the Daily News to object to this article in that Mr. Hamil seemed to be
>totally unaware of the hazards of noise.  I would suggest to my Canadian
>friends that you do the same with the Globe and Mail. 

Here are some e-mail addresses for The Globe and Mail which may be 
useful.  These are from an "auto-reply" e-mail message I received 
after sending an info request to "Info@GlobeAndMail.ca".

>Facts and Arguments == facts@globeandmail.ca
>Letters to The Editor == letters@globeandmail.ca
>Reader Feedback == newsroom@globeandmail.ca
>Marcus Gee (Editorial Board) == mgee@globeandmail.ca
>John King (Deputy Managing Editor) == jking@globeandmail.ca
>Colin Mackenzie (Managing Editor) == cmackenzie@globeandmail.ca
>Sarah Murdoch (Associate Editor) == smurdoch@globeandmail.ca
>William Thorsell (Editor in Chief) == wthorsell@globeandmail.ca

   I don't think Richard Roeper is a Globe and Mail employee.  His  
name doesn't show up on their e-mail list.  More than likely he is a  
freelance writer.  His article probably appeared in several North 
American newspapers. 

   I did find a Richard Roeper in Chicago via "www.four11.com" but it 
could well be an entirely different person.  I left him a message 
saying I was looking for the Richard Roeper who had written the Globe 
and Mail article, but didn't get any reply (not that that means 
anything of course).

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org

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