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Re: Disappointing Article

To Quiet List Members:
     Purpose of New York bills on increasing fines for repeated offenders.
 New York Noise Code stipulates offenses and then lists fines.  As a result
offenders violated code but built in fines as a cost of doing business in
this city.  With increased fines for repeated offenses, it was hoped that the
violators would take the code more seriously.  Hopefully, this will happen
provided enforcement follows.  Enforcement is always the problem with noise
      Globe and Mail  article - we in New York had to read a comparable
article by Denis Hamil in the Daily News that started out "I love noise."
 What we did was have the anti-noise groups in the city contact Mr. Hamil and
the Daily News to object to this article in that Mr. Hamil seemed to be
totally unaware of the hazards of noise.  I would suggest to my Canadian
friends that you do the same with the Globe and Mail.  Do send materials on
the dangers of noise to our health and welfare, particularly focusin on the
deleterious effects to learning, cognition, and language.  Reporters need to
be educated on the dangers of noise.
     Pleased to see that Canada's Sound and Fury was shown in New York City
on a PBS station.  Unfortunately, we were not told about the program and so
we could not promote it.  Several of my friends saw it and that is how I knew
it was on.  It should be repeated - excellent program.  Halya (producer of
program) will be accepting an award for outstanding environmental program in
Columbus, Ohio next week. 
     Another note - newspaper today listed New York City resident complaints
- Noise was second to crime.  So the people are aware of the noise problem.
 We should not be dismayed by some journalists who are out of step with the
                      Arline Bronzaft
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