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Barking Dogs & Reincarnation

Personally, I don't believe in psychics, clairvoyance,
astrology, numerology, ghosts, UFOs, or the tooth
fairy.   Nonetheless the following item from the Oklahoma
Gazette (10/16/97) caught my eye.  Blaming "past-life
regressions" for barking dogs is truly about the sorriest
excuse that anyone could think up for this particular type
of noise abuse.

   Barking for the past

   If your dog is barking all the time, it may mean
   he was Lassie or Rin Tin Tin in his past life.  That's
   the word from an Arizona pet psychic named Anne
   Evans, who claims dogs often bark uncontrollably
   whenever they're having a past-life regression, such
   as chasing Cleopatra's cats in ancient Egypt.  Evans
   said canine past life images frustrate a dog because
   it can't express the feelings verbally to its owner --
   which is why they bark.  

The "psychic" makes herself available to hypnotize the
troubled dogs and rid their dog houses of ghosts and evil

   -- Michael Wright
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