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Re: ...what the Disappointing Article was perhaps saying.

In a message dated 97-10-20 13:01:39 EDT, Richard writes:

<<   "Moralists today forbid what is desired without finding out the
 basic reasons for desire; they prohibit what is enjoyed without finding out
 the basic reasons for enjoyment.  This is like trying to dam a river with
 your hands. >>

  I don't think we right-to-quiet advocates can be compared
  to the kind of "moralists" being addressed by this statement.

  I have no desire to control other people's private consensual
  behavior which does no harm to others.  A guy living out in 
  the remote wilderness can turn up his stereo as loud as he 
  wants so long as he doesn't trouble his neighbors, and I 
  won't complain.

   In regard to the interests of others, I need to add some

      1.  I think it is the duty of public health educators to 
           warn such individuals about the health hazards of 
           excessive noise;

     2.   People who frequently blast their infants and small 
           children with excessively loud noise are guilty of 
           child abuse and should be restrained; and

     3.   I as a taxpayer do not wish to subsidize the hearing
           aids of those who abuse themselves.

       -- Michael Wright
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