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Boom Car Ad Promotes "Cardiac Arrest"

The other day I described an ad for Prestige
Audio, which markets boom car equipment,
in the October 1997 issue of Car Stereo Review

A prominent feature of the ad is a headline
which boasts that "research shows excessively
loud car stereos are the number one annoyance
to people over 40."

I neglected to point out that the ad copy also
has this incredible statement:

  "And it's [sic] built-in four-channel 120 watt
   amp will put the over 40 set into cardiac

As a matter of fact, it is well known to the EPA
in the 70s that excessive noise is a significant
source of stress, and the the cumulative affect
of it is a risk factor for heart disease.   In effect,
the ad is promoting the murder of older people
by significantly contributing to their risk for
heart attack.   The hatred of the elderly being
promoted by this ad is absolutely abominable.

Interestingly, the illiterate who wrote the ad copy
doesn't know the correct usage of the contraction
"it's" and the possessive pronoun its.   As the
noise factor continues to grow in our society,
we can expect literacy to decline.

   -- Michael Wright
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