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Re: Satanism, Crime, & Heavy Metal Rock

In a message dated 97-10-18 12:17:53 EDT, Karen writes:

<< Please don't let anyone censor Garth!!!!  >>

  I think you missed my point entirely.  I am not an
  advocate of censorship.

  If I could write the law, Garth could sing whatever
  he wants as long as the volume wasn't loud enough
  to impair hearing ability.

  The "gangsta rappas" could also spew their venom
  so long as they operated within safe sound levels.
  The reason I wrote the note about Satanism, Crime,
  and Heavy Metal is because the incidents in Mississippi
  dramatize the issue.   There are no doubt many who want
  to see something done about violence in entertainment.

  I think that legislating mandoator safe sound levels at public
  events is a Constitutionally appropriate way to confront this 
  problem and minimize the influence of these groups on society 
  -- without outright censorship of content.  

<< Although the country concerts can get a bit loud. >>

   You are so right, and this is no more excusable than what
   the rappas and heavy metal rockers do.

       -- Michael Wright
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