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Fwd: seeking input on recomendations from Urban Noise Task Force Report

>From the WFAE e-mail list - an item concerned with promoting Quiet.

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From: skip@express.ca  <skip@express.ca>
To: acoustic-ecology@sfu.ca
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 12:59:55 -0800
Subject: seeking input on recomendations from Urban Noise Task Force Report
    I am currently working on an honors project at SFU which involves
attempting to assess the feasibility of many of the "Education"
recommendations (up to recommendation 12.3) from the Urban Noise Task Force
Report and--where possible--to try to get them implemented.
    Some issues to be dealt with include:
    1) Allowing for public input on noise problems on the City website, as
well as providing direct feedback for specific complaints (e.g. telling
people who to contact to deal with their particular problem).  
    2) Setting up a scheme, possibly to be carried out with a group such as
the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, whereby restaurants and other
public places are evaluated for their acoustic properties.  
    3) Attempting to have Heritage buildings with particular acoustic
properties specially recognized, and to get Heritage "equivalent" status for
city soundmarks.
    4) Increasing public awareness of the "quiet parks" designation, and
getting feedback on the concept etc.
    5) Working with Tourism Vancouver and merchant associations to publish a
set of soundwalks, as well as guides to city soundmarks and sound events.
    6) Trying to encourage displays or exhibits at places such as Science
World, which would deal with issues such as noise, hearing and hearing loss,
and the soundscape.  
    7) Encouraging the Vancouver School Board to incorporate topics such as
noise by-laws, hearing, acoustics, and the soundscape into its curricula.  
    8) Including pamphlets or notes to be sent in conjunction with City
mailings, discussing seasonal noise issues, by-laws, and ways of dealing
with problems (including complaint procedures).
    9) Trying to arrange "resource people", including volunteers from
organizations such as the Right to Quiet Society and the World Forum for
Acoustic Ecology, to help give advice etc. in response to public inquiries
about noise and soundscape issues.  They would deal with issues not
requiring formal response by City Hall, and of a different nature from those
referred to the city "Noise Hotline" .  Ideally, there would be a volunter
in each of the 23 different "neighborhoods" of the city.  
    I would greatly appreciate input or feedback on any of these issues.  If
you would like to get more information about any of these recommendations,
have ideas about how the recommendations should be approached, or want to
help out with the implementation of any of them, please contact me.   It is
also important for me to know how many potential volunteer "resource people"
[see 9) above] are out there, to determine whether or not such a scheme will
be possible.  
    Thank you very much,
    Kevin Bolster (526-0120)

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