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Re: Classroom Noise

In a message dated 97-10-24 16:09:40 EDT, Bob S writes:

<< Go into any home (well, most homes) and see the beleagured 
  Mommy/Daddy trying to catch up on work around the house 
  whilst tending to the little  ones.  What to do?  Turn on the TV, 
  crank it up, and suddenly junior(s)  is glued to the squawk box  >>

   I agree that this has probably been the more-or-less typical
   state of affairs in US households since the end of the 1950s.

   The result is that an entire generation of noise-addicted young
   adults have come to the fore, and they are further afflicted with
   short attention spans.

   Many retailers cater to this group by cranking up the audio
   signals in restaurants and other places.  While nourishing
   the noise addiction of the young ones, they inflict suffering,
   aggravation, and communication impairment on the older

          -- Michael Wright
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