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In a message dated 97-10-26 11:38:07 EST, S Frazier writes:

<< There were several interesting findings such as the fact    
   that a larger percentage of the patrons left rather than waiting 
   in line when the fast music was played.  Patrons spent 50% 
   more on drinks when slow music was played.  This study also 
   cites other studies that lead to the  conclusion  that inappropriately  
   loud music  tended to create an "avoidance condition."  >>

   Thank you for posting this.  I am curious to know more about
   what retailers have been reading concerning the relationship
   between noise and profit.

   I think studies of this nature need to be controlled for the age
   of the patrons.  Older people are far more likely to object to loud
   audio signal than younger ones.  On the contrary, I believe many
   young people are addicted to continuing stimulus from audio signal.

   The study was done in 1984.  Since then, a lot more young
   noise-addicted people have come of age and started having a
   big impact on the retail market.

      -- Michael Wright
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