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Re: Magazine Ad For Outdoor Home Speakers


>    Have you asked any pet shop owners about high-
>    frequency noise gadgets that are supposed to be
>    used to train dogs not to bark?   The frequencies
>    are so high that humans can't hear them.  Maybe
>    there would be a way to rig an amplifier to broadcast
>    this in the dogs' direction whenever they launch
>    into a barking spell.

I think the problem is not with the dogs. I don't think it is advisable to
torture dogs even more. The dogs are barking on a permanent basis because
they are not happy pets. I tend to believe, rather, that dog owners who
don't care about their pets annoying their neighbours don't care
either about the dogs themselves. Really, I wonder if they care about
their own children. So, those people are not capable of having dogs, and
the dogs should be elsewhere. 

Why don't you try to get help from your local Animal Protecting Society
or whatever it is called (if there is such)?  


Federico Miyara

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