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Re: Discipline


> I wonder how many people who were NOT physically punished by their parents
> would favour corporal punishment?
> And how many boom car drivers were treated with respect, as children?

(Sorry for answering this late) 

Good questions! I was surprised for not having listened a single voice
mentioning "parents shouting at their kids" as an example of acoustical
violence in the recent Conference on Acoustical Violence held in Rosario,
Argentina (to be sure, not even mine; I must confess that sometimes I
can't find a better way to react when my kids are misbehaving that rising
my voice in the seek of "order"; at least, I recognize that I'm mistaken).

This is not the first time the following is to be said: society prepares
its members to be able to perform efficiently many activities. But the
most important one, that is, to be parents, is completely absent from all
formal and informal education.    

I shout at my children simply because I don't know how to dominate my
feelings, because society doesn't consider it such a bad resource. I think
I've never --and I mean *never*-- heard anybody saying that shouting
at kids to subdue or dominate them is a wrong attitude. I've heard
many times instead (as most of us) that stealing or killing are bad
things, and I can't even think about myself stealing or killing anybody.
That repetitive message was succsessful. But how could a message ever
succeed if it isn't even casted?  

Your questions are really good, and I guess I know the answer!


Federico Miyara        

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