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Dear Friends,

Though this information perhaps will be interesting only for the
scientifically or academically oriented, I thought I should anyway post it
to this list.

I've included also the source, just in case somebody would like to
subscribe to this information center.


Federico Miyara

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Subject: ContentsDirect - Applied Acoustics, 2003, , Vol 52, Iss 3 - 3

              Contents Direct From Elsevier Science

Journal Code   : 2003
Journal        : Applied Acoustics
Volume issue   : 52/3-4
Year           : 1997
Anticipated Publication Date: 11-NOV-97

pp. 183-183
Applied acoustics special issue - Editorial
G Vermeir

pp. 185-196
New International Standards for Building and Room Acoustics
H Godyke

pp. 197-210
Classes of acoustical comfort in housing: Improved information about noise
control in buildings
RC Kuerer

pp. 211-223
Complaints about poor sound insulation between dwellings in England and Wales
C Grimwood

pp. 225-238
A round robin on sound insulation in buildings
J Lang

pp. 239-258
Practical aspects of MLS measurements in building acoustics
M Vorlander, M Kob

pp. 259-272
Sound transmission across a separating and flanking cavity wall construction
C Hopkins

pp. 273-288
Low-frequency airborne sound transmission through single partitions in buildings
A Osipov, P Mees, G Vermeir

pp. 289-309
In situ measurement of the stiffness properties of building components
I Roelens, F Nuytten, I Bosmans, G Vermeir


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