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classroom noise take 2

Thanks to all who answered with suggestions and responses about my quiet in
schools dilemma. In addition to "music" in classrooms, I was thinking about
the design of the buildings and rooms themselves. I'm not an architect, so
I'm not sure how it's done, but I know buildings can be designed with
acoustics in mind. Obviously, the materials are important (ceramic tile,
concrete, metal, glass, etc.), but the design is of concern as well. For
some reason, the model of how to avoid noise pollution in buildings can be
found in public buildings in Edmonton. Don't ask me why this is, but once
you've visited these places, you tend to be more aware of what it is
possible to do. 
I'll certainly check out the websites several of you suggested, and I'd be
grateful if Eric would send me the issue of Vibes Mag. dealing with schools.
It's not cool to send an individual message to eveyone on the list, but I'm
exhausted. Just spent 6 hours at a workshop held in a gym, with speakers
booming sound off the walls and ceilings, re-echoing until everyone's brain
had turned to mush. So if you'll forgive me, my address is Box 265,
Errington, B.C. V0R 1V0, Canada. Thanks again, all.

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