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For those  who would like to read a really thorough (and according to our
local Environmental Health officials) and really good noise ordinance, 
check out San Antonio, Texas at:


I had earlier mentioned a study called "The Influence of Background Music
on the Behavior of Restaurant Patrons" that I was seeking and several
members expressed an interest in its contents.    The study was made in a 
busy restaurant  where people had to wait up to  30 minutes to be seated
and compared the results when "slow" music was played and when "fast" music
was played. There were several interesting findings such as the fact that a
larger percentage of the patrons left rather than waiting in line when the
fast music was played.  Patrons spent 50% more on drinks when slow music
was played.  This study also cites other studies that lead to the
conclusion  that inappropriately loud music  tended to create an "avoidance
condition." Another study was cited comparing customer behaviour in a
supermarket with varying soft and loud music and  the results indicated
that the customers spent significantly less time in the store when the loud
music was played.

With information like this available, one wonders why so many restaurants
blast the public with music  that, it would appear, drives the customers
out.  Maybe some sort of organized effort to get documented information out
to big chain retailers via E-Mail  could have some effect on this problem. 
I  recently sent such to the largest Mall developer and operator in North
America but, as yet, have had no response.

For those wishing to read the study cited above (and a good list of
references for additional information on the topic), it appeared in the
September, 1984 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 13.

Writing at 11:47:23 AM on 10/23/97

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