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Re: Classroom Noise

Risk Control Technologies, Inc. wrote:
> Go into any home (well, most homes) and see the beleagured Mommy/Daddy
> trying to catch up on work around the house whilst tending to the little
> ones.  What to do?  Turn on the TV, crank it up, and suddenly junior(s)
> is glued to the squawk box....

A friend sued for custody of his 7-year old son this week on the basis
that he (the father) would provide a better home life and education, and
would also to get him away from the physically abusive, cohabiting,
illegal alien boyfriend of his ex, who are living on her welfare in an
apartment in the "projects." The BF speaks little English, which is
surprising because they both watch TV for a living with the sound turned
waaay up. The BF gets frustrated because the boy cannot understand
Mexican, so the BF yells louder and slaps the boy. They also play the TV
loud. Maybe they think if the volume is turned up language becomes more
intelligible. (The judge declared that there is nothing wrong with
watching TV for a living, that the boy was traumatized by the abusive
BF, and would be even more traumatized by moving away from his mother,
therefore the boy should stay with his mother.)

I call this "backwards thinking." So is the notion that it's okay to
plop a kid down in front of the tube and let the flashing lights and
police sirens keep them mesmerized and out of mommie and daddie's way
until it's time for bed; but it happens all the time, especially in the
less developed socioeconomic strata of our culture where bellowing and
violence are an accepted way of life.

If I had achieved adolescence in an environment such as this, I would
probably be driving around in a Boom car, smoking, drinking, taking
drugs, knocking over liquor stores, and blasting my angry music at the
world to show just how ugly life is. It makes sense, in a perverted sort
of way. Noise in a city is like an abusive man bellowing at a child in a
foreign language. We can't quite understand what he wants, but we know
enough to be afraid. And when we grow large enough, we become the abuser
who taught us how to act.

Noise creates too many breeders and not enough readers.

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