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Re: Classroom Noise

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-10-23 00:34:26 EDT, you write:
> << Equally alarming is the fact that many teachers now allow
>    music in the  classroom. >>
>   This is truly a disaster.  They are nourishing the noise
>   addiction.  This is the exact opposite of what they should
>   be doing, that is, fighting the addiction.  All schools
>   should be adopting educational programs about the
>   health hazards of excessive noise and the dangers
>   of noise addiction.

Correct on all counts.  Now, for the unfortunate reality.

Go into any home (well, most homes) and see the beleagured Mommy/Daddy
trying to catch up on work around the house whilst tending to the little
ones.  What to do?  Turn on the TV, crank it up, and suddenly junior(s)
is glued to the squawk box (with my nephew, that generally means he is
standing about 2 feet away until I move him -- very unwilling, I should
add -- back a few feet).  Toes are tapping, bodies are swaying, and the
kids are riveted on the NOISE MAKER for long stretches of time.  Do you
think for one moment that Mommy's/Daddy's of this country/the world care
one iota whether there might be a problem with this?

Now look at the schools.  The teachers are harried and need help, what
with bathroom runs and crying kids.  What to do????  Hmmmm.

More concerned than ever that the furture of this world is bleak,

Bob S.

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