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RE: Classroom Noise

David S. writes:
   On the general subject of noise in schools, I am alarmed at the
expanding use of electronic devices.  Where the office intercom was
once a novel technology, we now have TV's, VCR's and squawking
computers in nearly every classroom, even in kindergarten!
   In the U.S. the UNPLUG campaign <unplug@igc.org>, a project of the
Center for Commercial-Free Public Education, is doing a great job
fighting Channel-One, the so-called "news" service which broadcasts
about 7 minutes of "info-tainment" and 3 minutes of advertising to a
captive audience of millions of students every day.

Equally alarming is the fact that many teachers now allow music in the 
classroom. One friend of mine who refused to allow music in her art therapy 
class faced an open rebellion from the students. Another, who teaches at a 
posh private school, does allows music in his art class. (At least he draws 
the line at obscene rap.) Small wonder that the crowds at Jacobs Field have 
to be entertained by doof-doof whenever there's the slightest pause in 
World Series action -- or for that matter whenever their team gets a hit. 
The message is clear: there can be no true experience without electronic 

Channel One was raked over the coals in an excellent production of PBS 
Seattle called "Affluenza", which took a good hard look at rampant 
commercialism in the schools and elsewhere. Maybe the show will be aired 
elsewhere; it's worth seeing.

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