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Barking Dogs & Reincarnation &c &c

Further to Michael's note on the "above": perhaps the dogs are preparing
for reincarnation as boom car drivers!
Seriously though, Peter Donnelley in his response under "Disappointing
Article", wrote:  "...I think Richard [Windeyer] makes an excellent point in
suggesting we need to get to the root of the problem."
Maybe the root goes pretty deep!  Maybe youngsters today lack proper
emotional and psychological development and 90 percent of what we
are discussing in this group is the result.  To quote a recent article by
Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise:
"Only a healthy home of happily married father and mother will provide
children with the proper feelings of security to allow for normal
psychological and emotional development.  Former US President, Lyndon
B Johnson once said wisely that 'the family is the cornerstone of our
society.  More than any other force, it shapes the attitudes, hopes,
ambitions and values of the child.  When the family collapses it is the
children that are usually damaged.  When it happens on a massive scale
the wider community itself is crippled.'  end of quote
What to do about it?  Are our communities crippled? Is this a correct
diagnosis?  If so, it's surely a somewhat daunting problem!
'Christian Rock Groups' !!??
I commend to you Michael, a reading of the chapter headed 'Deception in
the Realm of Music' in Escaping the Web of Deception by M.Basilea
Schlink [ISBN 3 87209 618 4].  I would certainly impose the same sound
limits on Christian rock groups.  Is God deaf?
Regards ...

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