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Re: Oklahoma Study Session Soon

In a message dated 97-10-16 10:48:18 EDT, you write:

<< Does Rep. Mitchell have an E-Mail address? >>

  I provided his FAX number in another note.

  If you FAX him, appeal to his "Okie pride" a little
  bit and congratulate him for taking leadership on
  this matter of noise pollution.  Tell him your hopes
  are resting on Oklahoma to come up with some 
  creative legislation to set a good example for the 
  nation ...[.etc.]

  That he can pass your FAX around to others
  and say stuff like "the eyes of the nation are upon
  us," and all the legislators will then sit up straight
  in their chairs and  listen with a profound sense 
  of mission while I harangue them, as a citizen
  advocate,  about the need  to outlaw boom cars.  

     -- Michael Wright
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