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Oklahoma Study Session Soon

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>I read on here
some time ago that Wisconsin had passed a tough
anti-boom car law.   We could sure use one  in Oklahoma !<

Michael,  I don't recall a Wisconsin law being discussed in the short time
that I have been following the Quiet-List but there was mention of the
Chicago law against boom cars.  As I recall the details, they were declared
illegal because the driver could not hear emergency vehicles.  Looked back
in my records and here's what I found if you want to check it out (if
you're not already way ahead of me on this):

> On the Chicago thing, David Staudacher gave out this info a while back:

The amended ordinance is contained in  Title 11, Chapter 4, Section
1115:  Sound Device Restrictions -- Violation -- Penalty of the
Municipal Code of Chicago.  You can view the Municipal Code at the
Municipal Reference Collection

   "http://cpl.lib.uic.edu/001hwlc/hwgpdmrc.html"; <

Does Rep. Mitchell have an E-Mail address?

Writing at 8:37:09 PM on 10/15/97

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