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Re: Hearing Aids for Rock'n'Roll President

I have been following the discussions on the list for some time and am
impressed with the information that I read.  The Noise Center at the League
for the Hard of Hearing has been actively involved in many of these issues
and agree with many of you who indicate that education and awareness are
critical to improving the peace and quiet in our communities.  We are
planning our third annual International Noise Awareness Day, scheduled for
Wednesday, April 29, 1998 and hope all of you will participate by
implementing activities in your areas.  For updated information, please visit
our website at www.lhh.org/noise.

As far as President Clinton is concerned, Laurie Hanin, Director of Audiology
Services at the League for the Hard of Hearing was on NPR, The Today Show,
NBC Nightly News and Fox News Channel.  In all segments, the role of noise
was discussed.   The Noise Center has been on these shows before and I hope
their continued interest in this topic will help bring the message that noise
is a hazard to hearing, health and the quality of life to the general public.

Nancy Nadler
Director, Noise Center
League for the Hard of Hearing
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