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Re: New Subscriber

Ricki Nelson wrote:

> I Have been, and am currently, a victim of noise pollution, and am
> very
> interested in what I can do about it, and what is currently being
> done....

I also live in a rural area, at least it was a year ago. Now we are
surrounded by people who moved next to us so that they could tie dogs to
the trees in their back yards. Fortunately, the nuisance barkers are
next to each other, so I have been constructing a noise barrier this
week in my spare time.

On the dog's side of the fence is corrugated steel that should
adequately reflect and scatter the barking. On the inside will be a
rough-sawn plank wall so I do not have to look at corrugated steel
whenever I go outside, and sandwiched inside is R-11 fiberglass covered
with 15# tar paper. Due to the lay of the land, the fence must be 8'
high and 48' long. It's costing me about $200, and a lot of time. It is
our hope that this fence will allow us to sleep through the night
without being awakened at random intervals by the mindless yammering of
maltreated mutts!


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