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Re: Sound, hearing, and strange reactions

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997 08:42:53 -0700, 
Kathleen Hamilton  <knhamilton@coastnet.com> wrote:

>- When faced with a hearing-impaired individual, people are often
>irritated.  They/We feel at some level that the individual is just being
>difficult, that he could hear if he really tried.

   It occurs to me that this could be a result of our "TV culture".  
After years of exposure to snappy sitcom bantering, having someone say 
"What? I didn't hear you", disrupts the whole world-view of anyone who 
thinks sitcom TV respresents the "real" world (and I believe there are 
many who do).  I don't think this was a problem before TV (ca. 1945). 

   I think TV producers are slowly, grudgingly introducing handicapped 
people into their programs, but they surely have a long way to go, and 
the current popular tendency to revile anything suggestive of "political
correctness" doesn't help.  If anyone can think of a current TV series 
which portrays handicapped people realistically and sympathetically, I'd 
like to hear about it.  The only show that comes to mind is "Ironside" 
from the 70's starring Raymond Burr but, as I gave up watching TV years 
ago, I really don't know what's on now.

>- People who aren't bothered by noise seem to feel contemptuous or scornful
>of those who are. As if we're weak or slightly crazy. There's a resistance
>to being aware of noise and acknowledging it. As if becoming aware would
>mean becoming vulnerable.

   There's probably a TV connection here too.
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