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Re: Sound, hearing, and strange reactions

In a message dated 97-10-09 11:51:20 EDT, Kathleen 

<< People who aren't bothered by noise seem to feel 
   contemptuous or scornful  of those who are. >>

  I've made this point before, so I  hope I'm not belaboring
  it.  A lot of people who "aren't bothered" by noise are
  addicted to continuing stimulus from TV, radio, or stereos.
  They are to be seen as in the same position as smokers
  were 30 years ago, when no one questioned their presumed
  right to light up on elevators and pollute the air for everyone.

  They were nourishing an addiction, and would have been
  contemptuous of anyone who threatened to present an 

  Noise-addicted people are handicapped, and they are
  polluting the air as they nourish their addiction. It's about 
  time we made the rest of the society understand this.

  We deserve smoke-free and noise-free air.

    -- Michael Wright
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