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Re: Boom Car Ad Promotes "Cardiac Arrest"

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> The other day I described an ad for Prestige
> Audio, which markets boom car equipment,
> in the October 1997 issue of Car Stereo Review
> magazine.
> A prominent feature of the ad is a headline
> which boasts that "research shows excessively
> loud car stereos are the number one annoyance
> to people over 40."
> I neglected to point out that the ad copy also
> has this incredible statement:
>   "And it's [sic] built-in four-channel 120 watt
>    amp will put the over 40 set into cardiac
>    arrest."
Recently the writer asked us to provide information regarding wattage of
car stereo systems.  Needless to say, none of us has jumped forward to
help, but I'm hoping some info will come through soon.  All of this talk
of heart attacks and wattage got me to thinking: as society has a
penchant for trying save people from themselves, perhaps a case could be
made for the damage people do TO THEMSELVES (hearing loss, for example)
by playing music at an excessive decibel level (which theoretically
could only occur if they had amplifiers that would enable them to do

I know this is poorly phrased, but couldn't OSHA (probably not the right
agency) or some other governmental agency concoct laws that might
protect the miserable wretches from themselves?  I'm sure someone out
there will figure out what I'm trying to say and can probably say it
better.  Maybe this has about a snowball's chance in hell of flying, but
I'm looking for anything these days that can put an end to this

While I'm at it, I'll also try to explain why it is that those of us
afflicted with this form of terrorism can't just conjure up wonderful
memories of our youth to ward off this misery.  It isn't just being
awakened at 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning by one car cruising past.  Its
knowing that these meatheads generally travel in packs and that another
car can be right behind...or maybe a minute behind...or a mile behind. 
The point is that you can't just go back to bed and forget about it (in
other words, relax). 

You've been interrupted/awakended from something that brings you
pleasure or enables you to relax and rejuvenate yourself.  Not only has
that moment been taken away, but it becomes difficult to re-enter that
state (sleep, meditation, listening to soft music, etc.) knowing that
another interuption is likely to occur at any moment without regard to
time of day or night.  And this will occur today, tomorrow, and so
forth, creating stress that cannot be avoided.  I can walk away from a
bar, I can live away from airports or discos, just as I can move out of
cities and away from jackhammers, or buses or trains.  In other words, I
can avoid excessive noise from virtually ANY source save one: portable
noise that is being allowed to permeate every aspect of our lives. 
Until 2-3 years ago, I lived in a totally quiet suburban residence. 
Today, my existence here is dictated by 16 year olds whose parents never
heard of the word "No."  In what must be the ultimate power trip, they
tell me when to sleep, when to work, and what days I'll be allowed to
sleep late.

You see, it isn't simply the noise that disturbs me (or those like me);
what is most irritating is the excessive bass that creates vibration
that will awaken me from a deep sleep despite wearing earplugs and
having a fan or AC turned on.  So when I hear one of the little maggots
driving at 4 in the afternoon I immediately associate this person with
those who drive around at 4 in the morning and interrupt my sleep. 
Worse, complaining is useless, if only because by the time I reach a
window the car is long gone and I can't even identify the perp for the

So when some of you who don't experience this brand of terrorism in your
towns (and believe me, thanks to today's liberal morality, these kids
ARE coming to your town in the next few years) and think the problem can
just simply be ignored, you're dead wrong.  I'd love to take your advice
and just ignore the music but the vibration/bass cannot be ignored and I
can't prevent myself from being awakened in the middle of the night. 
That is the reality that many of us live with from day to day.  And
until something massive is done about it, that anger just builds and
builds...and one day this 200 pounds of anger is going to explode.
Pretty sad, since all I want is peace and quiet.

Bob S.

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