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Re: Are we just cranks?

In a message dated 97-09-26 13:18:08 EDT, Peter writes:

<< Ticket owners of barking dogs		72
 Impound barking dogs			54
 Restrict Sunday mowing			54
 Prohibit leafblowers			31
 Increase no. of quiet parks		70
 Reduce siren volume			37
 Allow police entry to disable alarms	73

  If all of these desired changes are implemented
  in Vancouver, let me know and maybe I'll move
  there.  Noise has been THE number one obstacle
  in the path of my ability to enjoy life for more than
  a decade. 

  What about boom cars?  Aren't they a problem
  in Vancouver?   If all the problems in the survey
  were addressed, it looks like I could at least
  have a reasonable degree of tranquility in my

  Is it possible to find a neighborhood pub or diner
  in Vancouver where intelligent conversation is
  possible?  Or are they all dominated by video/
  audio devices?

      -- Michael Wright

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