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Re: Regulation & Road Noise

In a message dated 97-09-25 18:37:46 EDT, CEngland writes:

<< The criterion "beyond 30 ft the sound should disappear" 
     has little meaning without a number behind it.  Should it be 
     less than 10% of the ambient? in sound pressure? in energy? 
     Numbers are needed to give flesh  to criteria for a quieter 
     and more pleasant environment. >>

  If the law is encumbered by these technicalities, it
  will be unenforceable.  I have already heard the police
  in my community dismiss my problem by saying "Oh
  but we don't have the training and decibel meters to
  enforce that."

  Nonsense. They don't even know what the ordinance
  says.  It empowers them already to write a ticket if
  they can hear the noise from a distance of 50 feet from
  the source.
  I don't see why it has to be any more complicated than
  that.  I am encouraging that the tolerated distance be
  reduced to 30 feet.

     -- Michael Wright
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