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Noise & Crime

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> What did you think of my memo calling for
> licensing of dog owners and requiring them
> to pass an exam before being granted the
> license?
I think that the process of registering an animal should include signing
an information sheet on responsible dog ownership, training, and local
ordinances. Ignorance should not be an excuse for wanton neglect and
social irresponsibility. In fact, licenses are required in most
counties, and rabies vaccinations are a federal mandate. In Western
North Carolina, this would not work for a number of reasons. The primary
problem, once again, is enforcement.

However, just about anybody can make a human baby without any license,
without passing any tests, without the faintest idea or cares of the
consequences. This, in my mind is unconscionable. (Jessie Helms, by the
way, is opposed to sex education in public schools, and also insists
that the distribution and advertising of condoms encourages sinfully
sexual activity. I suppose one might call him a conservative; I have
other names.) The number one problem facing the new millennium is
overpopulation. Ignorance breeds ignorance. And, as a number of
quiet-list writers have noted in the brief time I have been reading,
with the growing population, noise of all kinds grows. So do other
crimes, motivated at least in part by the constant and ever increasing

This might be an avenue ripe for exploration since crime has the
attention of the politician and of the media: 1) Noise pollution causes
violent behavior. 2) Crime is violent behavior. 3)We should reduce
crime. 4) If we reduce noise pollution then we will reduce crime. 5)
Therefore we should reduce noise pollution. QED. (The astute reader will
have noticed that #4 needs to be supported by empirical data. I know of
no studies that demonstrate this.)

Licensing the dog owners, themselves, complete with addresses, phone
numbers, with the number and kind of curs kept tied up in their back
yards would be a great aid to local noise enforcement officials. I will
give this aspect more thought. Thank you for your suggestion, Michael.

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