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Consumer Product Safety Commission

Residents of the USA are invited to join me in 
calling the Consumer Product Safety Commission
to complain about boom cars.  I have already
made a call, and the employee I talked to was
not convinced that boom cars present a "safety
hazard."  She needs to hear from others.

The number is 800/638-2772.   To avoid wasting
time listening to a lot of recorded talk and going
through endless menus and sub-menus, press 1
when the phone is answered.   When it switches
to the next voice, who will invite you to hear more
recorded messages in Spanish, press 999 to talk
to a real person.  

I had to explain to the woman exactly what a boom
car was.  She had never been so unfortunate as to
have suffered this kind of disturbance.   I also told
her about the Prestige Audio ad in the October 1997
issue of Car Stereo Review.   This is the ad which
encourages potential buyers to purchase this product
because it is so effective at annoying older people.
The headline says:

   Research shows excessively loud car stereos
   are the number one annoyance to people over 40.

Note the adverb "excessively."  They admit that the
loudness is "excessive" and then make this a selling

I hope others will start monitoring these publications.
I do believe we should start contacting our state attorneys
general to encourage class action lawsuits against the
companies which manufacture and market these products.

They are telling us in plain language that the products
are intended to annoy others.  From the buyers' standpoint,
that appears to be the main thing which makes them valuable.
This ad is an excellent document for making that point.

  -- Michael Wright   
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