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Re: Car Stereo Review Magazine

> The advertisers certainly do promote products
> for the creation of boom cars.   An ad for Prestige
> Audio has the headline:
>    Research shows excessively loud car
>    stereos are the number one annoyance
>    to people over 40.
Michael:  It might be helpful if you checked to see what study/survey
the ad cites.  I mean, they're right (no doubt), but if there was
actually a legitimate study that documents this effect then I think we
might have stumbled upon something useful.

One (!) of the problems I have is the feeling of isolation, as if I'm
the only guy out there bothered by this stuff (BTW: in reply to a
previous inquiry from a more peace-minded list member who is not
awakened in the middle of the night, had his/her meditation broken, or
even a pleasant conversation with a lover interrupted by boom cars...
I'm 41, and this type of behavior has bothered me for a Looooong time,
and no, I did not behave like this when I was 16).  Now I know the list
has its share of folks who feel the same as I do, but it would be a
terrific advantage if there was a study that documents our collective
angst.  I would think this could be used to press our case with BIG

Of course, we all know the "source" of the survey was probably a bunch
of 16 year old meatballs.

Bob S.

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