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Car Stereo Review Magazine

Today I bought a copy of Car Stereo Review
magazine (October 1997).  I don't know enough 
about the technical side to be able to evaluate it 
to see whether its writers directly encourage boom
cars.  I saw one article about a car stereo contest,
but I wasn't able to tell whether loudness outside
of the vehicle was a judging criterion.

The advertisers certainly do promote products
for the creation of boom cars.   An ad for Prestige
Audio has the headline:

   Research shows excessively loud car
   stereos are the number one annoyance 
   to people over 40.  

The ad features a guy with a black goatee,
black sunglasses, and a metal object sticking
through his pierced tongue, which is sticking out
at the viewer.

The ad copy further states "You can't hear them
yelling at you anyway with your Prestige car stereo
blasting away."    

Clearly, the noise-making industry is out of control.
They are openly and boastfully promoting anti-social
behavior and the idea that success and prestige comes
with the ability to aggravate others.

An 800 number is provided.  List members might want to
call it and voice opinions:  800-645-7750.

  -- Michael Wright 
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