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Re: Regulation & Road Noise

In a message dated 97-09-25 11:29:24 EDT, John writes:

<< We have found it almost impossible to measure "noise" 
- ie legally defined  noise. >>

   I find it useful to distinguish between "necessary" and
   "unnecessary" noise.   A case can be made that the
   train whistle -- although a disturbance -- is necessary,
   for two reasons:

         1. trains provide a useful service to society

         2. the whistle is a safety feature

   Nonetheless, I think that train whistles are louder than
   they need to be in order to accomplish the necessary
   warning.   You can hear them for a good mile away from
   the tracks.

   Barking dogs, loud stereos, and auto stereos (boom
   cars) are recreational noise, and unnecessary.  The noise
   victim's right to quiet on his property or on public property
   is superior to the recreational noise-maker's interest.

   For this reason, I believe we should argue before the
   law-makers that decibel meters and other complicated
   measuring devices are not necessary for enforcement
   against recreational and promotional noise.  An example
   of promotional noise would be the practice by merchants
   of putting speakers on the overhangs above sidewalks 
   and blasting away into the public air.
   Recreational noise should not be allowed to penetrate
   the public air  or another person's property.   I would allow 
   auto radios and auto stereos a maximum distance of 30 
   feet.  Beyond 30 feet the sound should disappear.

         -- Michael Wright 
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