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Regulation & Road Noise

In a message dated 23 September, Michael writes:
<< I don't see why we should have to come up with any instruments to
measure "annoyance.">>
I believe he is correct [unless one measures blood pressure!].
We have found it almost impossible to measure "noise" - ie legally defined
noise.  There have been one or two clear cut cases but we have usually
been let down by the legal processes.  Again, I agree that the only
workable solution is for the cop to ticket the offender and impound the
equipment.  But he must have the respect and backing of the Courts and
he should know a little bit about sound.
Road noise [ie road surface engineering] has been the subject of much
research in Holland.  I have asked Adrian Jongens, a local acoustic
engineer to give us some leads.
As a matter of curiosity [?], we have a disco 30 miles from here
[fortunately!] with a 13kW, liquid cooled audio system costing
$200,000-00+ and accommodating 3500 people.  Owing to local outcry,
they have had to install a sound level monitor [flat-weighted to respond to
the doof-doof] with coloured lights to indicate to the [deaf!] DJ that he's
getting near the limit set by the local authority.  A big problem is also the
associated street behaviour.  Do you have such places in N & S America
or do they site them in the desert?  Regards ...

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