Quiet-List 1997

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RE: Purpose of quiet-list

   I'm generally sympathetic to expressions of outrage over noise, 
and/but I'd like to be as accomodating as I can to everyone on the 
list.  I don't want to see people start jumping off the list, but I 
also hope that anyone with any ideas on how to promote Quiet will feel 
free to express them.  

   I've always believed that a good idea will stand on its own merit, 
and if a good idea is held back because someone isn't sure if it's OK 
to post, I think we're all worse off for it.  The important thing is 
to keep an open mind, without prejudice, and judge things afresh as 
they come along.  After due consideration, if you disagree with 
someone's idea or approach, please say so.  Throughout history, 
whenever a bad idea has flourished it's always been because freedom of 
thought and expression were stifled.  As long as there is such freedom 
a bad idea will fail just as surely as a good one will succeed.

   As a general rule, I'd suggest approaching any noise problem in a 
way which promotes Quiet for everyone; not just our ourselves as 
individuals.  When you follow that idea through, it breaks through the 
whole issue of "violence vs non-violence".  Violent solutions aren't 
good, not just because they are violent but because, at best, they 
only solve the problem in a small area.  Everyone else goes on suffering.

   There are three kinds of posts which come to mind that I think are 
definitely inappropriate:

   (1) Personal "attacks".  We all need to respect each other and 
remember that we're all basically on the same side of the issue.  
It's OK to attack the idea, but not the person.  If someone starts 
calling someone else a "jerk" or worse, I'll jump on that.  So far, 
that hasn't been a problem.       

   (2) Profanity/Obscenity.  A lot of people find such language 
offensive in itself.  If we would enjoy the consideration of others, 
we must practice it ourselves.  If you absolutely can't think of 
another way to express yourself, or need to quote something which 
contains profanity, at least use an asterisk (*) in place of the 
vowels.  So far, this hasn't been a problem either. 

   (3) Anything which has absolutely nothing whatever to do with 
Quiet, like the "spam" type of advertising that sometimes shows up in 
my mailbox.  If you have a product for sale that promotes Quiet, 
that's OK, but don't overdo it.   

   Otherwise, I'm hoping things will pretty much take care of 
themselves and so far I think we've stayed pretty much within 
reasonable limits, especially considering some of the *really* radical 
places on the 'net, but let's do try and stay focused on ideas that 
will help everyone.

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org
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