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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

Risk Control Technologies, Inc. wrote:
> The beauty of all this is not in doing damage, but in raising the public
> consciousness in a very explosive manner.  Once we've done that, the
> psychologists and their bretheren will take center stage on Nightline
> and we'll become part of the American landscape.  Twenty years from now,
> we might see legislation that is actually enforced.  But it will happen
> faster -- always has -- if we move ahead with action and ideology, and
> not just ideology.

Exactly! We need two-pronged progress to make different kinds of
statements about the same problem. I would never advocate doing anything
that is illegal, though. A three- pronged attack would be even better.

Every situation is unique, but I came up with some solutions for my
barking dog problems and they work! Last summer I built a rather large
garage between my house and the barking dogs lot, and this fall I am
going to complete my sound barrier by building a fence with a highly

reflective surface along the road. I have also noticed that a 20db
background noise source using my own CD player takes the "edge" off the
barking so that these impulses are not as much of a shock to my body. We
also have plans to install high wattage flood lights on my new garage to
provide security, but they also will effectively blind the dogs at night
so they cannot see possums or cats walking by. We also have plans to
make some thick foam louvers covered with decorative cloth for the
windows. This will increase our heating efficiency and also block the
barking at night. We have been looking forward to winter this year.

We also hike the mountains almost every week end to seek out those
serene spots of beauty and peace. This is our grounding. We are, after
all, animals of the Earth and raising the consciousness of a nation
takes time, so my advice is to do something to defend yourself while our
culture catches up. 

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