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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

Peter Donnelly wrote:
> I don't want to be a mind guard, benevolent or otherwise.

I should apologize for implying you might be acting as a mind guard,
Peter, and certainly understand the reasons for your moderation. Your
comments certainly made me think. An attorney friend of mine cautioned
me one time about putting anything in writing on the INTERNET, saying
that lots of people are getting in trouble for writing things they
shouldn't. Hmmm. Maybe I'm acting as the mind guard now.

We seem, indeed to be migrating into two camps: "Why can't everybody
just get along and be nice to each other." And "The deepest dungeon is
too good for the little buggers!" I agree with Michael Wright when he
wrote that there is plenty of room for both camps. Coalitions are
strongest when the members have the same interests but who can approach
the problem from different angles. I think that both camps should be
encouraged, and might even learn a little from each other. I could be
more tolerant of my neighbors dogs barking, waking me up 3-4 times a
night with their mindless yammering and barking at anything that moves
or makes a sound or. Oh! Oh! Sorry. That's right. I'm supposed to be
thinking good kinds of thoughts. It's not easy for me sometimes.

What I would like to stress, though, especially for the doves out there,
is that there is nothing violent about self defense. Quite the contrary.
According to The American Heritage Dictionary, self defense is: "The
right to protect one's self against violence with whatever force or
means are reasonably necessary." You can take that to the court, my
friends. Self defense is our right, not a privilege reserved for the
rich who can afford the 100 acre green space. If someone is harming you
and refuses to stop then you have the right to use whatever force is
reasonably necessary to stop them from harming you.

The only remaining questions in my mind have to do with how we define
reasonable force: 1) The boundaries. 2) What kinds of force are
acceptable. 3) How much force is reasonable?

If a hypothetical boom car makes a habit of cruising my hypothetical
street a few times a night and making my hypothetical body hurt every
time it passes and disturbs my hypothetical sleep until 3am sometimes,
then I would feel perfectly justified in blowing it's hypothetical
amplifier to kingdom come with my hypothetical electronic bazooka, if I
had one. After a few blown hypothetical amps, chances are they would
avoid my hypothetical street in the future, or at least do a drive-by
shooting. In which case I'd get to whip out my hypothetical AK-47.

Of course, I never advocate doing anything at all unless it is perfectly
legal. So make sure you have a permit.

By the way, just to keep Bob S. and myself distinct entities, even
though we seem to have similar philosophies, I will change my quiet-list
designation from Bob. to BJ. That's what they used to call me when I
worked for the defense contractors in Sunny Southern California.

Illigitimus corborundum.

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