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Re: Send message to officials

In a message dated 97-09-23 18:02:10 EDT, C England writes:

<<Why does someone need 1000 watt car stereo except to 
  make a statement. >>

   I know next to nothing about electronics, but I'd like
   to be able to discuss with legislators the necessary
   changes in law for reducing noise abuse.

   What is the typical wattage of an ordinary auto
   stereo not modified to become a boom car?

   I am in favor of legislation which outlaws boom
   cars, but I would think that the law is going to 
   have to be stated in terms of upper limits in 
   amplification power and size of other devices, 
   such as speakers, legally permissible in civilian vehicles.

   What are reasonable upper limits for ordinary
   use ?

     -- Michael Wright

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