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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

In a message dated 97-09-23 11:54:03 EDT, Bob S writes:

<< A very important distinction.  Some friends answer my 
  complaints by saying, "you were young (right?) once, 
 didn't you do the same thing?" >>

 Yes. I was young once too.  In 1971 I had a bluegrass
 band.  We didn't use electric instruments. nor did we 
 even own a PA system.  We gave a lot of free sidewalk 
 concerts.   In the University of Oklahoma area, acoustic 
 musicians could do that back in those days because
 the multiple disturbances from amplified sources found
 today were not present.  That's one of my many complaints
 about the noise culture.  It has ruined the environment
 for good acoustic music.

 Our first paid job was in a blue-collar beer tavern north
 of Main Street in Norman.  The median age of the clientele
 was probably about 40.   They liked us just fine.  I was 24
 at the time.   Our dobro-player, a good ol' boy from Arkansas
 who was in town for postal training,  was 42.   It didn't matter
 that us younger guys all had the long-haired shaggy look
 and he looked like a redneck.  He could make a dobro
 get up and walk across the floor.  That mattered.

 Audiences of all ages liked us.  We went over well with
 OU students, but we were welcome in redneck bars.
 We were once hired to play for a debutante party.  I think 
 things were different back then.  Race didn't matter 
 either.  We once worked up a set of tunes with a Black
 gospel vocal group and did a bluegrass & gospel performance
 in the church.   I'll never forget the preacher jumping on
 stage with a saxophone and doing "When the Saints
 Go Marching In."

 Sorry, the "didn't-you-irritate-your-elders- with-noise-when-
 you-were-young" line doesn't wash with me.

         -- Michael Wright       

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