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low frequency sound


In my earlier post (which contained a few typos -- my apologies, it was
pretty late) I mentioned a URL [http://www2.incom.net/ninteach/
Well, I tried getting in and had all kinds of problems doing so. 
Ultimately, I resorted to searching for "Ninteach" on Alta Vista, found
a title and clikced on it...success!  Now for the fun part: the URL that
was displayed in the window was EXACTLY the same as I've provided here. 
so if you have the same problem, try the same solution.

Now, for something you all might find useful, I found this while
searching around:

"Low-frequency sound waves can have some rather nasty physical effects
on people, including disorientation, bowel spasms, and loss of balance.
Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Scientific
Applications and Research Associates in Huntington Beach, California,
are working on generators that emit high-power, low-frequency acoustic
beams; the beams can travel over long distances and overpower ambient
noise. The debilitating effects of the beams cease as soon as the
generators are turned off. 

"Among the problems facing researchers investigating this technology is
how to target and focus the waves so that they don't incapacitate
everyone in the vicinity.

All other details remain classified."

I hit on this somewhere under omni  something or other...sorry, its 3
a.m. and I'm not exactly on top of things.  At least I copied the good
stuff.  So the question begs: how low is low??

Bob S.

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