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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

In a message dated 97-09-23 10:51:20 EDT, John writes:

<< However, I don't believe any regulation can work in this context:
 annoyance is too subjective. >>

  I don't see why we should have to come up with any 
  instruments to measure "annoyance."

  If the boom car can be heard from a distance of 30
  feet, a cop should be able to write a ticket.  Better
  yet, he should be able to impound the vehicle and see
  to the removal of the offending equipment -- all at the
  boom car boy's expense.

  If a cop can stand in the street and hear my neighbor's
  recreational noise, then he should be able to write a
  ticket on that basis, without having to measure the noise
  level and without having to determine whether some
  legal threshold of annoyance has been met.

    -- Michael Wright
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