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Boom Cars & Loud Noise

I've been reading all the notes lately on the boom cars, loud noise from
bands below classrooms, the talks of aggression against boom cars,
having police ticket and all the rest of the notes.

All of this talk of violence and retaliation is scary.  We want quiet,
but at what price are you all willing to pay.  Granted we are entitled
to our peace and quiet, but at what price.

I joined the list to find out what is was about.  But I did not think I
would be hearing what I'm hearing - acts of aggression which come out
sounding like some are terrorists.

One thing I am curious about - how old are all of us anyway?  Me, I turn
46 in a couple of months.  I love my peace and quiet.  Especially after
I've been at work all day and school at night.  But, when I hear the
noise some of the kids make in their cars (and yes the boom cars do
drive me nuts), I sometimes think back to when I was their age and
played our music.  When we were younger, did we not play music too
loud?  Our parents and the other "older" folks had the same gripes we
are having now.....

We should be trying to find peaceful ways to settle our disputes.
Calling the police and having kids ticketed does nothing but make the
generation gaps wider than what they already are.  We have to try to
come together in this world and live as friends.  There is already to
much space between everyone.

Try something I've done lately....  When the younger generation plays
their music a bit too loud, think back to some thought of your younger
days when the music or noise was a bit too loud and see what happens.
You won't hear their noise anymore, but will most likely have the most
wonderful time daydreaming of an event you haven't thought of in many
years.  It's not the answer to the noise problem, but it might help the
stress at the time.  Trust me, some of the things you will remember will
make you smile and other things will make you chuckle.

And remember one other thing from our youth "we couldn't be told
anything either!"

Peaceful solutions are what we need.  Education seminars might help
too.  I might even try asking some of the kids I know at work and school
the purpose behind the booms.

Thank you all for your time.  Hope tomorrow brings a little peace to us

Karen J.

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