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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-09-23 03:16:19 EDT, Bob writes:
> << Tonight, I saw/heard the new commercial for "Unruly" the fragrance.  Ah
>  yes, youth in SUV's and convertibles making loud noise while checking
>  out the babes and hunks.  Unruly.  The new buzz word.
>   >>
>   You are so right. The marketers are encouraging the
>   youth to be loud and unruly.  Youth was that way when
>   I was young too -- but we didn't have the technological
>   devices to torture our elders the way they do today.

A very important distinction.  Some friends answer my complaints by
saying, "you were young (right?) once, didn't you do the same thing?"
The answer is NO. Yes I played music loudly, but in neighborhoods the
sound came down, period.  'Cause if my Daddy found out I wouldn't be
driving for awhile.  And after I got my own car, Daddy wouldn't let me
live at home if I didn't follow the rules.

Kids today, for the most part, don't have respect or fear with regard to
their parents or neighborhood.  They worship at the altar of noise.  And
that's not to say that we wouldn't have kids back then who wouldn't have
used the boomer if they had the chance.  But the number would have been
smaller, and the punishment would have put an end to it.

Case in point, a guy I knew bought one of the amplifiers for his car in
about 1980 and had his music pumping like crazy while we played soccer. 
I remember thinking, "this is wrong," and I was all of 23.   People
walked by and stared at us and they weren't real happy.  I never forgot.
>   Further, it is not just youth who are to blame.  Teen-agers
>   didn't invent the amplifier.  They don't run the factories
>   which manufacture the necessary equipment for making
>   boom cars, and they don't run the marketing enterprises.
>   Adults who profiteer and encourage their "unruliness"
>   run these enterprises and bear a lot of responsibility.
>   Perhaps the more successful adult entrepreneurs
>   build homes for themselves in remote gated communities
>   where they don't have to hear the  boom cars.
You nailed it.  I've always wondered how the manufacturers suffer their
little profit makers.  Here, we have people living in half million
dollar homes being bombarded daily by the mutuants from hell.  Does
anything happen to curtail the problem?  Nope.  Actually there's a
series of multi-million dollar homes nearby that bump up against a well
traveled road, and I have to assume that it gets pretty loud there as
well. So, if you want to avoid noise from boom cars, you need to
purchase a huge parcel of land and set your house at least a mile from
any traveled highway.  

An exageration?  Absolutely not!  In the summer I can begin to feel the
bass before I hear it, and I can hear it approaching for more than a
minute or many occasions.  It may not be an exact mile, but its damned
close.  Now, who can afford that kind of seclusion?  Right, the super
rich or super hermit.  The rest of us are screwed.

Thanks, Michael, for one of the better posts.

Bob S.

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