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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

In a message dated 97-09-23 03:16:19 EDT, Bob writes:

<< Tonight, I saw/heard the new commercial for "Unruly" the fragrance.  Ah
 yes, youth in SUV's and convertibles making loud noise while checking
 out the babes and hunks.  Unruly.  The new buzz word.

  You are so right. The marketers are encouraging the
  youth to be loud and unruly.  Youth was that way when
  I was young too -- but we didn't have the technological
  devices to torture our elders the way they do today.

  Further, it is not just youth who are to blame.  Teen-agers
  didn't invent the amplifier.  They don't run the factories
  which manufacture the necessary equipment for making
  boom cars, and they don't run the marketing enterprises.
  Adults who profiteer and encourage their "unruliness"
  run these enterprises and bear a lot of responsibility.

  Perhaps the more successful adult entrepreneurs
  build homes for themselves in remote gated communities
  where they don't have to hear the  boom cars.

   -- Michael Wright  
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