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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

Bob Smith wrote:
It has been my experience that the law is impotent or uninterested. 
And, as far as I can tell, it is the consensus of this list that
adequate laws either do exist or are not enforced, or both.
Consciousness-raising takes years, sometimes hundreds of years to make
any real difference in our lives. Therefore, the only way we can get any
peace today, is to attempt some kind of home defense against these
illegal terrorist attacks.
Here comes the hard part.
> 1) If we are to use some kind of force to ward off these terrorist
> attacks, are we morally and legally obligated to confine the force
> entirely within the bounds of our own property even when the threat
> originates from the outside?
> 2) What kinds of force are acceptable and applicable? Acoustic energy?
> Electromagnetic? Reflected light? Hard projectiles? An invitation to
> dinner?
> 3) How do we decide what is equal force if we are to protect ourselves
> from this kind of terrorist attack?
> If we can create a technological problem, then we should be able to
> invent some technological solutions. In my opinion, a moral basis for
> our defense needs to be clarified rather than left in obscurity by
> confusing the issues and vaguely waving toward some possible > wrong-doing in the future. This leaves us only with an excuse to do > nothing.
> Bob

Ok. So now we know its a "Bob" thing (with all due respect to Michael). 
I tossed out the philosophical drama to see what would crop up.  Not
surprisingly, there is a stark difference of opinion.  On one hand we
have a group that wants peaceful co-exisitence and will pursue this
through research and letters, etc., and will allow time yo (hopefully)
tak its course and eliminate noise.

The second faction has seen more than enough and figures if it waits for
time and reasonableness to take hold that we'll all be locjked up in the
loony bin or dead (or both, I guess).  The one commonality I see is that
most don't want to hear war stories per se ... although cases where
there is an ongoing action (Bob's barking dog problem, Mike's thinking
about hiring an off-duty sheriff's deputy, etc.).

I happen to think there is room for both -- at least for now.  Still,
I'm with the other Bob when it comes to being a man of action.  And for
me, the technological avenue holds great promise for the future of man. 
EMP is a very serious weapon that our government has used effectively
for a long time, and which law enforcement is planning to use as a
directional weapon to disable fleeing vehicles.  I will now tempt the
fates and provide the following URL: http/www2.incom.net/ninteach/  for
your reading enjoyment.  If you cannot see an eventual solution in this,
you're ignoring the obvious.  

I'm not advocating that the affected run out, spend $$, and build their
own EMP generator.  First, its expensive.  Second, its most likely
illegal in your state.  Third, it would have an undefined range, meaning
you'd probably take out your neighbor's electrical system while trying
to nail that boom car cruising past your home.  And fourth, its kind of
a 1 shot deal.  IOW, that's a whole lot of risk and do-re-mi for taking
a shot at the title.  You read, you decide.

On the other hand, there are all kinds of things people can do -- if
they are willing and have the guts.  Electrical pulses can be generated
by a variety of devices, and applying those pulses directly to a boom
car's antenna will probably have a shocking affect on the car's stereo
system.  I'm not necessarily advocating this type of behavior, just
posting the possiblities.  Who knows: some electronic genius, a quiet
kind of guy, may see an opportunity to make some money and come up with
something special.

The beauty of all this is not indoing damage, but in raising the public
conciousness in a very explosive manner.  Once we've done that, the
psyhcologists and their bretheren will take center stage on Nightline
and we'll become part of the American landscape.  Twenty years from now,
we might see legislation that is actually enforced.  But it will happen
faster -- always has -- if we move ahead with action and ideology, and
not just ideology.

Tonight, I saw/heard the new commercial for "Unruly" the fragrance.  Ah
yes, youth in SUV's and convertibles making loud noise while checking
out the babes and hunks.  Unruly.  The new buzz word.

Still think we can make inroads with words?

Bob S.

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