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Re: Purpose of quiet-list

In a message dated 97-09-23 00:31:44 EDT, Peter writes:

<< Speaking for myself, I'm quite comfortable with a discussion 
  of the morality of "direct action" against noisemakers, but I 
   would not want to see the quiet-list as a place to exchange, 
   say, recipes for dog poison. My line's in the middle somewhere.
   Ultimately it is up to the moderator, David Staudacher, to 
   decide what is admissible. >>

   Without advocating any illegal actions, would it be appropriate 
   to discuss legal issues and legislative strategies associated
   with extending  the doctrine of self-defense to include self-
   defense against acoustic violence and noise trespass?

   Boom cars do bodily injury to innocent people every
   day.  The stress response is immediate, and probably
   measurable with instruments.   The hazards of sleep
   deprivation are obvious.  How many auto accidents 
   are caused by drowsy drivers who are deprived of sleep
   by their neighbors' noise?  How many deaths and
   crippling injuries? 
   What legal options already exist whereby people can 
   defend themselves against more conventional forms of
   assault, and can they be extended to permit defense 
   against noise assault?

     -- Michael Wright  
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