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RE: Purpose of quiet-list

Bob, thanks for your thought-provoking comments.

I don't want to be a mind guard, benevolent or otherwise. My only concern 
is that quiet-list be a place where pro-quiet activists can be comfortable 
and exchange useful information with one another. If it becomes a 
discussion forum for vigilantism, unquestionably some of our members are 
not going to feel that this is a good place to hang out, and we will be the 
poorer for their departure. Also, in Canada at least, counselling a 
criminal act is itself a crime. I'm not saying you or anyone else has done 
that, but it gets dicey when you start throwing around words like 

Speaking for myself, I'm quite comfortable with a discussion of the 
morality of "direct action" against noisemakers, but I would not want to 
see the quiet-list as a place to exchange, say, recipes for dog poison. My 
line's in the middle somewhere. Ultimately it is up to the moderator, David 
Staudacher, to decide what is admissible.

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

"Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re."

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Peter Donnelly wrote:
> I guess it's fun to vent one's fantasies occasionally, but any advocacy 
> illegal or hurtful actions should not be tolerated here.
A rousing philosophical debate always gets me going, but just remember,
this is only a string of words and if I offend anyone's delicate
sensibilities then let me know and I will withdraw. My motivation is to
discover true things about our culture, the morality of self defense,
and where we draw the line about certain things.

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