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Called Sheriff

Unable to get any help on the boom car problem
from the city police department, this evening I
called the county sheriff's office to see if any
cooperation was available there.   The community
I live in (Norman) is the county seat.

I had a long talk with the woman who answered
the phone, and she was quite sympathetic. She
herself had just suffered an ordeal with a barking
dog, and had to call the police at 4:00 AM.  She
ended up signing a complaint.

She told me that the Sheriff's department had
authority to enforce both state and municipal law,
but they usually operated in the rural areas of the
county outside of the city limits.  I told her that
the Norman police had been indifferent to my 
requests for help.

I then asked her who would receive the revenue
from fines if the Sheriff's office wrote tickets against
the boom car offenders.  She said the county treasury
would get the money.  I said "Great !   There is a 
wealth of revenue available from fines collectable 
from the boom car boys. Why don't you go for it?"
(I know what motivates the good ol' boys who run
county "guh'mint" in Oklahoma. They like to do

I then told her they could write 3 tickets an hour
by stationing a patrol car near the intersection
close to my house on any weekend night.

She said she wasn't sure whether they could
pull anyone off the rural patrol.

It got down to me asking if an off-duty deputy
could be hired by me to do this job.  She said
she wasn't sure, but didn't offer any reason to
discourage the idea.  She invited me to call 
back tomorrow and talk to one of the administrators.

Perhaps we could work a deal where I could put
some money up front to hire a deputy and then
be reimbursed out of fines paid to the county.

In other news, I went to the administration building
of the University of Oklahoma and talked to the
Regents' secretary.  I told her I wanted to speak
to the Regents about improving or developing a
noise  policy, and stated my objection to the
University agreeing to rent the football stadium
to the Rolling Stones for an outdoor concert (God
help us !)

Further, I said that the University should prohibit
students from having boom car equipment in their
motor vehicles.  I ended up writing a letter to the
Regents in order to request that I be given a place
on the agenda of their next meeting.

We'll see what happens.

   -- Michael Wright

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