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Re: How much noise is too much noise?

In a message dated 97-09-22 19:05:40 EDT, S Frazier writes:

<< There is a provision that between 10 PM and 7
 AM  that "such equipment will not be operated so as to be 
 plainly audible within any dwelling unit which is not the 
 source of the sound" >>

  This is almost sensible, except I would drop "plainly."  I
  don't even want to hear my neighbor's damn stereo, electric
  guitar, television, or barking dog even if it is just "faintly" 
  audible.  Also, I don't want to hear it in  the daytime either.  
  The ordinance should be in effect 24 hours a day.

  Ordinances of this nature should apply to apartment houses,
  duplexes, dormitories, and rooming houses.  Ever how humble 
  one's living quarters should be, one should be able to enjoy quiet.

    -- Michael Wright
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