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Re: How much noise is too much noise?

In a message dated 97-09-22 19:05:40 EDT, S Frazier writes:

<< As to boom boxes or boom cars, " operation of any such
 device at any time in a motor vehicle in  such a manner as to
 be plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet from the motor vehicle,
 shall be prima  facie evidence of a violation." >>

  This kind of wording is far more sensible than having to
  rely on decibel meter readings.

  I suggest that right-to-quiet advocates campaign for a 30-foot
  tolerance.  I'll tell you how I arrived at that.

  Once I parked my car in a quiet spot and turned on the
  radio.  I turned it up loud enough to where I could comfortably
  hear and appreciate the music.  It was loud enough to be heard
  by passengers in the back seat.

  With the windows rolled down, I got out and slowly walked
  backwards until the sound disappeared.  Then, using a step
  of approximately 3 feet,  I paced off  the distance back to the 
  car.  It was 10 paces. 

  In other words, to be heard by occupants of the car with the
  windows rolled down, the music does not have to be audible
  for more than 30 feet from the source.

    -- Michael Wright    
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